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Shop Extension

28th July 2016

Works to the extension of the shop are moving along. Wayne Clement completed the first phase of electrical installation and is due to return mid-August to complete hook up of the Bake Off equipment and connect the 3rd Bay system to the mains.


D├ęcor Services started laying the flooring on Friday, 22nd July and should be completed on Friday.  To enable the vinyl to be laid in the area where the freezers will be, and to give space for the engineers to work around the cabinets, we are moving the drinks shelving and freezers in order to continue to have everything accessible until the date of opening the new shop, by which time the drinks will have moved to their new home in the 3rd Bay. This will be sometime early to mid September.

















The containers you see in the South-West corner of our carpark contain the cabinets for the new part of the shop. There will be another three placed there at the end of the week which hold the rest of the refrigeration equipment, replacement entrance shelter, new warehouse lift and the frame to be located outside the warehouse for the condenser racks.


A team of nine engineers who will install the system, will arrive on 30th July.  They will be accommodated at Lookout Lodge for the duration of their stay.


This is expected to take six weeks.






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