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Recipes from the Chandlery:

BBQ Squid Stuffed with Feta Cheese

17th November 2017


Falklands squid is some of the best in the world, why not try this delicious recipe when you next fire up your BBQ.


South Georgia Ice Fish Recipes

15th November 2017


South Georgia Ice Fish are delicious! Read on for a few mouth watering ideas of how to cook them.


A Zimbabwean Recipe by Eddie Rhappozzoh

24th June 2016


Sadza and Maguru (thick porridge and tripe). This is a Zimbabwean dish made from our staple food maize meal (corn).


St Helenian Fish in Batter

25th March 2016


Everyone has their own method of making St Helenian Fish in Batter, adding their own twist on the recipe.  Nothing is weighed and it’s all done by eye and taste.


Simple Squid Recipe from Hamish's Kitchen

2nd December 2015


It's always great to be able to use delicious local ingredients. This simple squid recipe is easy to make and is great with some crunchy fresh bread to soak up all the  goodness! We recommend it as a tasty mid-week treat to share with family and friends.

Jo's Kitchen - Pumpkin Soup

9th October 2015


I struggle to get my youngest daughter to eat vegetables and have to disguise vegetables in curries, casseroles and soups.  However, surprise surprise I decided to try the St. Helena Pumpkin Soup and wow didn’t she love it!





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