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Pink Day!

25th October 2016

We went pink on Friday, 21st October. In line with the Wear It Pink organisation in the UK, our staff all wore pink in the hopes of raising funds for the Cancer Support & Awareness Trust. Our day of fund raising consisted of a staff quiz and a staff sweepstake.


The quiz allowed the staff to get into teams of 4, choosing a ‘pink’ name and answering as many questions as they could.  Well done to the winning team the Pink Gypsy’s (Anna, Avril, Collette & Anna) who each received a bottle of Four Cousins Blush (pink).


Staff members donated £2 per number to take part in the sweepstake. The two winners were to receive half of the proceeds raised and the remaining half was to be donated to charity. Staff could choose a number between 1 to 30 on each sheet, with the winning number already chosen and hidden. From the 1st sheet Brenda Bone won £30 choosing number 10. From the 2nd sheet Neville Hayward won choosing the number 23, however, Nev kindly donated his number back and getting a customer to randomly choose another number, Deena Jones won the next £30 with number 29!


£80.24 was raised from the donations dropped into our buckets by our customers and £66.80 remained from the staff sweepstake. The Chandlery will donate an additional £102.96 to round the donation to Cancer Support & Awareness Trust of £250.00.


Thank you to all who supported us!




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