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Dear Ivy

12th July 2016

Dear Ivy,

With lumped throats and tearful eyes, the news of your passing made us stall

As you were a dear friend/colleague to us all

We are sorry we didn’t have the chance to tell you goodbye,

Some of us wish we could have been by your side

But we will always remember you Ivy at your best

You were constantly on the move

 I’m surprised you weren’t done for a speeding test

We will remember you in our own special way

Especially “I’ll be alright” what we often heard you say

Your pace of life will always be your grace

With all the many challenges you had to face

You fought them all right to the end, but God still chose for you to ascend

 If this was his plan we will have to endure

As we take comfort in knowing he didn’t want you to suffer anymore

Though it doesn’t make it easier for those you left behind

We can only pray that our sorrow will get easier over time


Rest in peace Ivy, we will still miss and think of you

From your colleagues/friends at Seafish








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