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The Chandlery supermarket started life in July 1995 as Frewin Chandlery Ltd, owned by Goodwin Offshore Ltd.  Frewin Chandlery stocked chandlery products such as rope, shackles and pilot ladders.


In October 1997 Seafish (Falklands) Ltd, our current parent company, bought Goodwin Offshore Ltd, along with Frewin Chandlery Ltd from Tooie Goodwin and her fellow shareholders and in November 1997 changed the name to Seafish Chandlery Ltd.


Since then our sales floor has grown from 200sqm to 1000sqm, our staff from 2 to 41 and our turnover from £81,000 to £7m.  A further 288sqm of sales area will be added to the supermarket in early 2016.


The Chandlery currently offers a diverse range of products.  As well as imported products, we have a great range of fresh local produce.  We also sell homeware and lifestyle products, supply wholesale and distribute specialist items for the oil, fishing, cruise ship and food service industries. Check out our product pages for further details of our vast range.


We pride ourselves on being a local business, owned and managed by local people, with our customers at the heart of everything we do.


In April 2017 we opened our Chandlery Minimarket on Ascension Island and serve the Islands’ population. Unfortunately the closure of the FI/ASI/UK airlink in the same month severely hampered our plans to develop the business as quickly as we would have liked. The business is however coping well and we are pleased to be delivering the Chandlery experience to our new customers. The reopening of the runway in 2020 will we hope enable us to significantly improve the level of service and support we can give our Minimarket, and the people of Ascension.



We want to be every customer’s first choice by selling great products at fair prices from friendly, professionally trained and knowledgeable staff that appreciate our customers and love our business. We hope you enjoy shopping with us and feel part of our community.




The Chandlery is renowned for its spectacular customer service.  When inducting new staff into the Chandlery, they are taught “the Chandlery way”.  In our latest customer survey a customer commented:


“They always serve you with a smile, pack your bags, and if you’re looking for a certain item, they always shoot off and look for it, or go and ask someone out the back for you.  If there is a problem with payment (eg payment made at bank and it takes a couple of days to clear) they will go upstairs and speak to someone for you, so always helpful.”






Tim Blake

Ian Bury

Derek Clarke

Tooie Goodwin


Management Team


General Manager - Hamish Wylie

Chandlery Manager - Neville Hayward

Assistant Manager - Ed Hoy

Office / Marketing Manager - Jo Ellick

Purchase Orders and Administration Officer - Samantha Davis


Administration Team


Seafish Accounts Assistant - Wendy Harris

Chandlery Accounts Assistant - Brenda Bone

Accounts Assistant - Carol Thorsen

Office Administrator (HR) - Penny Peters


Office Administrator - Tamara McCormick

Stock Controller - Shanice McCallum

Stock Control Assistant - Sarafina Yon

Customer Orders Clerk - Avril Bonner

Retail Merchandiser - Ross Weir

Sales Clerk - Lucianne Henry


Shop Floor Team


Senior Supervisor - Ivy Johnson

Shop Floor Supervisor - Isabel Clarke

Sales Assistant - Viv Briones

Sales Assistant - Phyllis Gough

Sales Assistant - Tanzey Gough

Sales Assistant - Deena Jones

Sales Assistant - Belinda Reynolds

Sales Assistant - Amelia McCormick

Sales Assistant - Raquel Johnson

Sales Assistant - Sofia Torres Garces

Part-time Assistant - Lani Salumbides

Part-time Assistant - Corina Stewart

Cashier - Monica Ovalle Pita


Deli Team


Deli Supervisor - Leah Lang

Delli Sales Assistant - Gerby Green

Deli Assistant - Rebecca Henry

Fresh Produce Assistant - Antonio Langusta


Warehouse Team


Warehouse Supervisor - Mark Wilson

Warehouse Assistant - Gonzalo Ibarra

Warehouse Assistant -Jose Marlon Maban

Warehouse Assistant - Eddie Rhappozzoh

Warehouse Assistant - Michael Collins

Warehouse Assistant / Janitor - Jerik Boybanting




Got a question?  Our FAQ’s should provide you with the answers, but please feel free to complete our feedback form on our website at any time to ask questions or to make any suggestions or improvements you think we could undertake.


  • Who owns the Chandlery?

    The Chandlery is entirely owned by Seafish (Falklands) Ltd, which is in turn solely owned by over 250 Falkland Islanders. This means that every penny of profit made by the Chandlery stays in the Falklands. Shares in Seafish are traded locally. All the profit generated by the Chandlery is reinvested in the company to enable it to provide its customers with a constantly improving service.


  • Are the prices at the Chandlery really that competitive?

    Absolutely! So much so that our main competitor checks our prices on a near daily basis and uses us as their bench mark. We operate a 'fair price policy'. This means that we take the price of a product plus its freight cost and add a sufficient margin to cover our operating costs and an element of profit. Our net profit margin is very much in line with the UK retail sector average. We strive to operate as efficiently as possible, and as our sales continue to grow, our gross profit margin is steadily reducing. This means that over time the difference between UK retail prices and those in the Islands is reducing.


    With no VAT on food in the UK, and the unavoidable cost of freight, particularly on frozen and chilled goods, comparing prices will always come as a bit of a shock to newcomers.


    Our fair price logo represents our fair price policy and you will see it on all of our media.

  • Where do you source your products from?

    Most of our stock is imported from the UK. Thanks to SAAS, we can competitively source products from all over the world. However, around 78% of goods come from UK and 18.5% are purchased from local suppliers (includes imported fruit and veg purchased from Stanley Growers) - this increases to 23% if duty is included. That currently leaves just 3.5% of goods currently being purchased from the rest of the world, which is significantly less than a few years ago. This is due to exchange rates and food inflation in many countries that has been in excess of UK. Speciality products may be imported from elsewhere simply because they are not available in the UK.


  • Why do you have some items in stock once but never again?

    Sometimes new product lines that we get in are then discontinued by our suppliers. Other times we get new products in, they do not sell at their full price, we discount them and they sell, and then they become popular but at the discounted price. Sometimes we risk bringing them in again, but usually the number of customers purchasing is too small to repeat the order and avoid ending up with out of date stock. Often there are minimum order quantities that turn out to be too high for the volume we end up selling. Space on our shelves is at premium so we try to stick to the most popular ranges to satisfy most of our customers. We are now working with new suppliers that are able to source practically any product available in the UK and we welcome suggestions from our customers for new product lines.


  • Why do some products run out quickly?

    Because we order products months in advance, it's not always easy to gauge what demand will be like when a product hits the shelves - a large order from a trade customer, for example, could mean that we run out of any given product at a moment's notice. The volume of any given product that we can order is also limited by its best-before date, as we have to be careful that we do not sell items that are out of date. Additionally, our imports are often consolidated into containers to minimise shipping costs, which sometimes means that part of an order arrives in one shipment and the rest in another.


    Sometimes it is simply the ordering system has fallen down somewhere along the line and a product not been reordered in sufficient quantity, or we have been short supplied.


    Sales of products fluctuate quite markedly depending on what offers competitors have on, one off bulk sales of a particular product, trends and weather, so many factors need to be taken account of for each product at the time of ordering. Most products have a finite shelf life so over ordering is costly. We carry around 10,000 product lines in total.


    Orders for goods are placed 60-70 days before the goods will arrive at our premises for resale. It often takes around 3 weeks to empty and process all the food from a shipment adding another 21 days before a product can end up on the shelf. Where we can, we prioritise location and processing goods that we are out of stock of.


    In addition, because goods are shipped in multiples of 40’ containers not all goods end up being shipped on the vessel hoped for and ends up on the following vessel a month later. When this happens to any of the food outlets in town, they will invariably run out of that product before receiving new stock. For staple goods in particular this then leads to excess purchasing from the other shops, and they soon then run out too. It usually takes a few months for the effect of this to work through the system.


  • Do you do discounts on bulk orders?

    Yes, we offer a 10% discount to all customers on nearly all items purchased in full cases. We have a variety of structured discount packages for businesses to suit their needs, and offer particularly competitive arrangements for goods ordered specifically for food service customers.


  • How can I obtain cases from the warehouse?

    You can ask a member of staff in the shop to get you what you want. If you regularly purchases cases and know where to find what you are looking for you can treat the warehouse as an extension of the shop and help yourself. Cases can be checked out through the shop or the warehouse if it is easier to collect in your vehicle from the warehouse loading bay.

  • Do you deliver to MPA?

    Unfortunately not, but if you have a limited amount of time in Stanley you can send your order to us in advance and we are more than happy to put it together for you (or someone you know who is visiting Stanley) to pick up.


  • What are your opening times?

    Monday - Friday     8:00am – 7:00pm

    Saturday               8:30am – 6:00pm

    Sunday                 9:00am – 5:00pm

    Public Holidays      9:00am – 5:00pm


    Closed on 14th June and 25th, 26th and 27th December


  • Do you open on public holidays?

    Yes, we are open from 9am to 5pm on all public holidays except:

    Liberation Day (June 14th)

    Christmas Day

    Boxing Day

    27th December

    New Year's day

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